Tuesday, December 30, 2008

stole the shuffle survey...

Will it be ok? Tennesee waltz
How are you feeling today? Emotional
How do your friends see you? Cupid
Will you get married? We belong together
What is your best friends theme song? She's got you
What is the story of your life? Just fine
What was high school like? Day dreaming
What is the best thing about your friends? Hey sandy
What is gonna happen tonight? Ahh real monsters
What describes the remainder of the weekend? Bring it on home to me
What song describes you? Dreaming of you
What descibes you grand parents? Don't confess
How's your life going? I fall to peices
What song will they play at your funeral? Ill stand by you
How does the world see you? Where oh where can my baby be?
Will you have a happy life? Cigarettes and chocolate milk
What do your friends really think of you? Touch the hem of his garment
Do people lust after you? Nineteen
How can I make myself happy? I could fall in love
What should you do with your life? Hallelujah
Will you ever have children? Fly like me

Thursday, December 25, 2008

i wanna see the spirit!

I really wish I was off work already. Maybe I'll close early. Id like to hit the movies tonight. The Spirit would be my first choice for obvious oogling reasons. Marley and me could be entertaining if I pretend I haven't seen every scene of the movie already in tv ads. Kinda don't feel like goin out to party tonight, since I'm scheduled to be at work tommorrow morning. I really can't wait til its my turn to be off for a week.One of my sisters is moving though so she gotta get rid of her bed, luckily I still don't have a mattress for the ikea frame I bought, so I get to help take that off her hands.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

OMG! that was the saddest post ever.

I just have to apoligize for the tone of the 'woe is me, christmas is ruined' post below. I guess I was venting, but I'm quite happy to be alive and healthy and here to witness another beautiful day, so i'm thankful. May you all have wonderful happy holidays and new years and I wish the best to you and all your kin. May God blaess you and keep you, and pass me some figgy pudding, etc, etc.

what do the lonely do... at christmas?

That's song is so one of my favorites... if only for the shrill "whatdootheydoo, whatdotheydoo?" Line. Theis year it is kind of going to be my theme but not in a sad way I guess. My fam is pretty much out of town for christmas and because I have a job that is dumb I'm goin to be at work. Its my first christmas since I moved out as well but there really isn't much to go home to. I'm in the middle of a roomate search so, the place will be empty besides me.. I'm considering inviting whoever amongst my friends that are free to come over. Since I'm petsitting for my fam though I may as well just crash at my parents place and spend the day with the dogs. Its 1 of the puppies 1st birthday anyway, so perhaps he'll appreciate t.. gosh after reading that, it sounds like I'm waay somber. I'm not really. I guess I'm just somewhere north of apathetic. I do care, I'm just not optimistic. I'm not quite sad though. Christmas is my favorite holiday. So ok, I guess I'm a little bummed. If my 2 favorite xmas cds weren't m.I.a. id be playing them 24/7 so I guess until then its just back to the Emotions' biggest hit:

‘Tis the season to be jolly
But how can I be when I have nobody
The yuletide carol doesn’t make it better
Knowing that we won’t be together

A silent night
I know it’s gonna be
Joy to the world
But it’s gonna be sad for me

What do the lonely do
At Christmas
Oh, oh, what do the lonely do
At Christmas time

The children can play with their new toys
While their little hearts burst open with joy
And lovers can kiss beneath the mistletoes
The choirs can sing those glorious songs of old

But what is left
Oh, for me to do
Now that it’s Christmas
And I don’t have you

What do the lonely do
At Christmas
Oh, oh, what do the lonely do
At Christmas time

Oh, oh, what do the lonely do
At Christmas
What do the lonely do
At Christmas

Oh, what do they do, what do they do
At Christmas
Ooh, what do they do, what do they do
At Christmas

Oh, oh, what do the lonely do
At Christmas
What do the lonely do
At Christmas

Oh, ho, what do they do, what do they do
At Christmas

Omigod I'm not that depressed! Please nobody send the authorities for me, I just heard the song driving home and it kinda put me in the mood. I'l be ok tommorrow I swear!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

i love creative peoples

I just had so much fun hanging in a coffeehouse watching a friends band jam for hours, talking with cool ass people, and generally unwinding from an unforgiving, seemingly unending day/week. Its funny that everyone I was just around started as friends of friends of mine, and eventually we've gotten to know each other better, sometimes even without the original gateway friends, lol. But everytime I am around this crew I wind up thouroughly entertained, at least mentally stimulated, and generally in a better mood than when I arrived.

I also invited someone who I only met this week, but since we were talking about the dearth of quality live music in the area, I had to invite her to the show my boys just invited me to. Even though work schedules kinda got in the way, we got to both catch some of the show, and converse for a little bit, which was really cool. Plus, its always fun to play the "now that I'm sober, is the person I'm about to meet up with as cute as I remember?" -game. But all in all I had a great time.

few more rad events of this evening: gossip that doesn't actually hurt anyone- I heard from somebody who says he heard from somebody, that I used to have a band back in the day. Not even that I was IN a band but that I HAD my own band. How rad is that? It leaves me asking so many questions. Who the hell said that, being the first one. Also, what was the bands name, cuz I love bitchin band names, I even wrote a scene for 8th grade drama show about starting and naming a garage band. And why did the band stop playing? Am I in retirement? Were we any good? Did I have a shot at the big time? I kinda think its time for a reunion tour now, or at least a solo comeback project. I can also add like 2 more people from tonight to the list of "melissa you should totally start practicin your instrument so we can jam all the time like a bunch of hippies"-movement. What the hell why not? There's a song I always have stuck in my head, that I feel like singing(?) Maybe in my next voogle(coming soon!) If the voogles don't force my acct closed then we'll know if its worth a damn at all. Also we all stood around outside being cold, cuz we are used to south florida weather, and at some point like 5 people leaning on a car out front randomly break into acapella version of 'bohemian rhapsody'.

so that was rad, it was a rad night. My phone was dead tho. So it was off when a blast from my past sent one of those late-nite texts. One of those "what you doin?' Texts at any time ending in AM. No comment there, I just found that interesting. I think I'm glad my phone was dead.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

'i meet the coolest people in bars' or 'a stranger is just a friend you havent met yet...'

Or they could also be a serial killer or some other whackado. But lately its just been cool people I've struck up conversations with. A olympic judo(-ist?)/entrepreneur/petite cutie, a graphic designer/geek/metalhead cutie, and all the nineteen year olds who make me look like somebodys pervy uncle chester watching from the corner. (I'm just people watching, I swear!). My cuz and I hit the girlbar yesterday just to hang out and I knew it was 2-4-1 night, we are a fiscally responsible generation, after all. It was fun, talked to a few drunks that wanted to know everyones name in the bar, watched the 'town drunk' try to talk his way in/get thrown out by the owner/come back anyway/tossed out again/picked up by the cops, lol. Anyway, we had fun. I usually hangout with a group of my bffs pretty deep, but I've started going solo to places and I have noticed its totally upped my confidence and ability to talk to just about anyone. And that always a great thing.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

just like groundhogs day

I think its funny as much as it is interesting and odd, that I like many people fall into the same rut each year. Mine is not related to the holidays, and family and shopping and all that emotional nonsense that usually goes on, but I've noticed a pattern in my own behaviors and situations as well that tends to focus around this season. Whatever my luck, it seems some kind of equatorial shift causes my personal life to go haywire at this specific time of the year. I can't explain it, it just try not to fall victim to it.

I look at this season last year and them then year or 4 before it and I come up withat least 1 common denominator: someone who is into me. Usually someone who is into me more than I am interested in them. In about 2 of those out of those 4 years there is also someone else who may be kinda interested in me. And like any red blooded american girl who grows up watching tv movies I've learned to chase the unattainable, so in at least a few situations, I've chosen the bad boy, or the 'playa' or the manwhore over the party who was generally interested in me.

I read a horoscope this week, which I usually don't do. It told me I would face a familiar choice and to make the right decision by breaking old habits.

well? This has certainly been a hell of a year for that. I can say I've never had as many options as I do now, and I certainly have never had less sense of direction than I do now. I may be a few years out of school, 6 months into my very first apartment lease, a few years out of my first super serious relationship, and right smack in the middle of a whole entire revelation about my own personal and sexual identity, but according to a horoscope, I should break old habits, lol. So from here on out, I'm just gonna flip a coin, pick a number, or use some other random act of selection to make the big decisions for me next year. I'm sure I can't screw up anymore than I already have.

shoot, this isnt even the post I was trying to write, lol. I've been drinking, I'll come back 2moro, with an update of whats really going on


Thursday, December 4, 2008

rad loves ikea but damn, next time im payin/feeding someone else to do this

So I finally got the bed I've wanted from ikea for the last year almost. It was the 1st time I went out and bought anything with intent on black friday. It had gone down from like 300 to 99bux but they did run out of the black-brown color I've been coveting for months. I had to get white birch, which is the same one my sister got forever ago, I feel like a copycat. I got a cool string of lights from target tho, to spruce up the decor. Back on topic tho, I had to assemble this mofo myself. She offered to help but we are never off the same day. So I ran to my moms to steal some powertools and diner. The screwdriver/drill of hers turned out to have not been charged in forever so it died and I wound upgettin old school with it. My wrist is crazy tired, by the way. I took pics of my progress throught the night guess ill post em soon