Sunday, November 30, 2008

rad likes to party sometimes!

I'm in downtown miami. Which I never do. Too many bums. Too much to park, covers etc. Even the drink cost more. And they're smaller. But they still get you tipsy. Which I bam now. So yaaaay! I need to ge out this week. Cept I'm annoyed cuz I can't ell who's checkin me out. I meant the dudes are coming strait at me but but its a hip hop party so besides the super duded-up girls I can't tell who it might be produxctive to oogle.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

'one of those days'... or 'i need a massage'

Today was fun. I didn't fall asleep until sometime after 2am I'm sure so when I had to rise after 5 I was def not bright eyeyed and bushytailed. I have only opened by myself like twice at work. Nobody else likes closing and I guess they take it for granted that I'm good at it, so I've been working like every nite. Of vourse goin home at 9 is nothing compared to latenite closing at 'the bux', so its fine to me.

Anyway I went to work and did the stuff I remembered openers doing. When my coworker came in later, he was on some 'you didn't do anything' crap. I really wasn't in the mood for it, since a) I've never had a real training/orientation/ anything besides observing everybody for like a day or two and then just goin to work, and b) I just saw the new sched somebody else waited til like 2days before it actually starts and not only do I not only do I not get 1 day off this weekend (which I need if I'm ever gonna do this volunteer/crew work I'm trying to get on, and even more fun, I gotta work on thanxgiving?

Like I get I'm in the hospitality sector and that's weekends, nights, holidays, etc. And of vourse I'm the newbie so everyone else got their request in b4 me, but I seriously don't even see thre point of me being there. Real restaurants are open on thanxgiving, the resort even is hostong a thanx event, I seeeriously doubt anyone is gonna come in after 4pm to get a sandwich or bag of chips, and if they were they certainly would understand a note on the door saying we were leaving early.

Working thanksgiving day is one thing but not even geting home until like 9 is really kinda shitty. Maybe its just the mmood I'm in. Everythings kinda crud right now. I'm sitting in tire kingdom paying like $80 to replace one tire on my car that went flat this week.

Whatev. I know I'm blessed and have a lot to be thankful for, and I am. I'm just kindof in a funk right now. I need something to look forward to

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Sarah MacLaughlin is Hot" or "Melissa Etheridge is Gay?"

Perhaps you've known this, but its news to me. I'm watching her perform somethin on pbs right now. I don't know the name of it, it seems like a new song. It beautiful of course, sarah mac is singing it. I don't think she could do anything musically that is displeasing to my ears. I wouldn't say I'm a super big fan or anything, I don't own a single album of hers, just always thought she was talented. But I just decided right now, that I think she's pretty hot. It just ended and yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm right. This just pisses me off cuz I really wanted to go to her tour the Lilith Fair back hwhen I was in middle school.

I asked my mom to get tickets, but she wouldn't. 1 tour, only ran 3 years. Litterally every super talented female musician on the planet: sheryl crow, sarah mac, stevie nicks, paula cole, fiona apple(?), indigo girls, melissa etheridge, lauryn hill(?) And it came to ft lauderdale at least once.

And you know why we didn't go?

Cuz some (ASSHOLE) that she worked with said it was just a bunch of lesbians!

Putting the irony of this aside for a second... wtf?! No it wasn't it was women who effing rawwwked! Proceeding to rawk out, with the proceeds goin to women centered charities.
And some asshole made that sound like a bad thing that you should be scared to take your 12 yr old daughter to.

I think everyone should have taken their teenage daughters to lilith fair. Then we would all rawk today (and maybe I woulda met somebody hot and realized I like girls way earlier, lol.

Also, 18 yrs ago I really wanted to see the new kids on the block when they came to toen but my mom didn't take me (there was probably no threat of lesbianism, just expensive as hell tickets for a five year old). I think it should have my parent pay for tickets to the nkotb reunion tour. Perhaps if they'd taken me the first time id have been so smitten with donny and danny, id never have notice girls...j/k (though I did see danny in aventura mall, and almost wet my pants lol)

The moral of the story is:

Sarah mac laughlin is hotter than I ever noticed

I still would marry a new kid on the block (preferably danny wood or donnie walberhg (omg, my kids' uncle would be Marky Mark, how rad?!)

My gaydar is as bad as it was in jr high (tru storyH I'm reading 17mag. There's an anti fur peta ad w melissa etheridge and some woman laying there naked sayin '"'d rather be naked than wear fur". I asked my bestest 'why the hell eth is w this naked broad?' She says 'duh, dude that's her wife.' I was like her whaa? A few more friends have answered my idiocy: 'her wife dude, she's gay'.

The most ignorant staement I've ever made followed: "melissa Etheridge is gay!? Whaaa? Since when?" I had honestly never heard this but I loved her album when I was little. What was the name of that one... hmmm 'Yes, I Am'

Yeah, young rad was pretty oblivius. Somethings never change.

Monday, November 17, 2008

nothin to say

Learning how to do simple things like posts and comments on my new phone. I think everything about it is awesome....except the volume. Why can't it go louder? Why is what's supposed to be standard for normal people like my great grandmother trying to adjust her hearing aid to pick up sonar? I have to roll my car windows all the way up and turn off the radio if I'm in the car just to hear a faint enough word or two before I yell "what? I can't hear you. What'd you say?" At the other end. I mean the phone comes with volume adjustment if I hit the vol control right on the side but that's for dumb stuff like the ringer or music/video. I have to hit that button while I'm actually on a call to adjust the in-call vol, and I have turned it alll the way up. I really have no idea why that volume would be a)so impossible to find and control, or b) so much lower than the other sound settings. Right now I'm using the headphones/handsfree mic that came with it but if it continues to be a pain in the arse I may take the phone back during this 14 day window. Especially if they have another that is comparable but can be used as a modem for my pc.

See? I didnt have anything to say, not at all.

I'm so glad I have tommorow off.
"I feel a sleep comin on cuz, a real sleep comin on cuz...zzzzzz there it was.."

Friday, November 14, 2008

I don't write poems... this is not a poem... these are just words before I fell asleep...

Over this loud music,
I can't hear you too well,
you have to repeat youself

So you lean close
your scent...
Not like the drinks,
or the shots we had,
those... just went to my head.
This has gone somewhere else.
been this drunk.

You lean closer
but don't say anything...
and what you don't say
speaks volumes
Your lips talk to me
you brush your nose past mine
and I'm...

I'm NEVER speechless.

But I can't remember lips this soft
Can't remember another mouth
speaking to me like this.

You rest your head against mine
And I can't hear the loud music anymore
I'm listening,
But I can only hear you.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the casual dining industry does not want me to be alone

Warning: the pimping pirate know as Rad, gets a little real farther down, so I'll start with the light stuff. I had today off so I slept, then went over to see one of my best buds from jr high. We all did arts and crafts and I wound up doing a japanese inspired watercolor koi in the ocean that I'd been commisioned to do months ago by another friend. It looks rad, ill have 2 upload it soon.

In other news...

I keep seeing these ads for applebee's and ruby tuesday with their little 2 for $20 type deals enticing us eaters to save them from chapter 11 status or widespread closures. More than an indicator of consumer spending and our economy, I find these new deals have me questioning my social/dating/relationship status.

As someone who'd like to think they are fiscally responsible, I can certainly appreciate the savings provided by these meal deals. But if all I cared about was saving, I could just stay home and eat. As someone who prior to this finacial downturn ate out all the time (that's what SHE said, heh) with friends, family, or significant others, I don't have much desire to chow down on these copycat menus that I've already tired of.

Nope. As irrational as it seems to me, when these ads first caught my eye, all I could think was "I wish I had someone to share that meal with".

I mean I've been doin my own thing for a little while now. Single and mingling. 'Pimpin aint easy'..etc, etc, insert cliche comment here. I've avoided all the aspects of relationships that I found annoying or as I prefer 'stupid', by just not having any relationships (Is that as dumb as it sounds?). I've been content with 'friends with benefits' or dating here and there when someones caught my attention long enough that I felt I could be bothered with them. Of course, I realize how dysfunctional that practice is since dating people you enjoy being with shouldn't be looked at as bothersome.

In all this time, I have not been lonely. I'm quite content with my social life being made up of being social with friends and kin. I don't wanna do it forever though. I do miss the romantic. I mean, I don't consider myself 'romantic', I just like doing nice stuff and making the person I'm with happy. (Mack that I am,) I think I'd rather romance than be romanced. I'm certainly better at giving than getting (she said that, too).

I just haven't felt like being in a relationship. I'm not averse to relationships, I just haven't wanted one in a while. I'm quite capable of love, and dare I say it being 'in love' (I do have an aversion to our society's quickness and callousness with the term, though). I KNOW that I'm capable of lust, as its something I struggle with everytime I get a new crush, or the right person looks my way, or I catch a whiff of a certain perfume...I could go on and on (...too easy...should I even bother?).

I think I am most intrigued by these '2 entree, 1 appetizer'-type combos because they bring out what 2 yrs of mingling/pimping/chilling/chillaxing/playing the field ( or any other cheesy-whack terminology I've used to descibe being single) have yet to...

to occasionally,
Every now and then,
wish there was someone across the table to share the sampler with...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Rad's Excellent Adventure. or why my liver will hate me one day.

I've been drinking for four days. Not like four straight, I mean I slept and went to work in between. And I was only really drunk like thursday and friday. But between nightclubs and houseparties, my sis workin @ hooters (free curly fries!), drunk guitar lessons/band practice, bbqs and JELL-O SHOTS!(I heart their inventors) I had a great weekend. And this is bday week for one of em so all week I'll be looking forward 2 kickin it with my bestest-es.

G.I. Jane is on tv right now so I've lost all train of thought...

Oh yeah.. I heart my bffs. I've been stressin over havin this serious dope chit chat with them. And each 1 I talk to makes it easier and easier... And the revelations that have come from it... Wow. So awesome.

In conclusion, all is well in Rad Land and .... ok back to gi jane...