Thursday, November 20, 2008

'one of those days'... or 'i need a massage'

Today was fun. I didn't fall asleep until sometime after 2am I'm sure so when I had to rise after 5 I was def not bright eyeyed and bushytailed. I have only opened by myself like twice at work. Nobody else likes closing and I guess they take it for granted that I'm good at it, so I've been working like every nite. Of vourse goin home at 9 is nothing compared to latenite closing at 'the bux', so its fine to me.

Anyway I went to work and did the stuff I remembered openers doing. When my coworker came in later, he was on some 'you didn't do anything' crap. I really wasn't in the mood for it, since a) I've never had a real training/orientation/ anything besides observing everybody for like a day or two and then just goin to work, and b) I just saw the new sched somebody else waited til like 2days before it actually starts and not only do I not only do I not get 1 day off this weekend (which I need if I'm ever gonna do this volunteer/crew work I'm trying to get on, and even more fun, I gotta work on thanxgiving?

Like I get I'm in the hospitality sector and that's weekends, nights, holidays, etc. And of vourse I'm the newbie so everyone else got their request in b4 me, but I seriously don't even see thre point of me being there. Real restaurants are open on thanxgiving, the resort even is hostong a thanx event, I seeeriously doubt anyone is gonna come in after 4pm to get a sandwich or bag of chips, and if they were they certainly would understand a note on the door saying we were leaving early.

Working thanksgiving day is one thing but not even geting home until like 9 is really kinda shitty. Maybe its just the mmood I'm in. Everythings kinda crud right now. I'm sitting in tire kingdom paying like $80 to replace one tire on my car that went flat this week.

Whatev. I know I'm blessed and have a lot to be thankful for, and I am. I'm just kindof in a funk right now. I need something to look forward to

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  1. don't worry rad, I have to work on Thanksgiving too. And, I won't get to my folks' place until 9 either. :P