Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I don't feel like blogging

Yet I am anyway. I'm bored though.

Was supposed to go see Obama and Biden today but hadnt finished all the work on the house we were doing so couldn't leave.

Shoulda early voted today. It was the only full day off before the election and I'm sure the line will be too long for me before work. I'm gonna have to go early this week or on the weekend. Every vote counts.

Hope you all get informed on what your local issues are, the candidates as well. California, florida and a few other states all have amendments threatening people civil and marriage rights.

Take someone with you to vote. And celebrate your right to vote. People died for us all to get to voice our choices and opinions out there, its more than our right and obligation to use it so I'm glad so many are turning out to vote now.

If we look at past elections, and I'm sure this one too, its gonna come down to the wire. Find a nice bar where you and your friends are comfortable, where you may be surrounded by politically likeminded customers. You see how worked up people in a sportbar get about sports rivals like a dolphins v. bills game (fins all day baby!), now throw peoples politics in there and you may run into to high drama.

I think we can put the fun back in the process. Some suggestions and feel free to add your own:
Drinking games-

Every state that gets called for your candidate

Any of the following people are mentioned, interviewed or shown on camera:

Joe the plumber
Bristol's babydaddy
Reverend Wright
Bill Ayers
Tina Fey

The following terms or intances will require doubles:
If a network mistakenly calles a state early (ala 2000)
Billary or Hilpac
Anything related to Florida voting issues
Katherine Harris
Hanging chads

And if your candidate wins you have to kiss somebody!

By the looks of it, I wonder if I'll make it to work the next day? I wonder if ANYone is going to work the next day?