Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Sarah MacLaughlin is Hot" or "Melissa Etheridge is Gay?"

Perhaps you've known this, but its news to me. I'm watching her perform somethin on pbs right now. I don't know the name of it, it seems like a new song. It beautiful of course, sarah mac is singing it. I don't think she could do anything musically that is displeasing to my ears. I wouldn't say I'm a super big fan or anything, I don't own a single album of hers, just always thought she was talented. But I just decided right now, that I think she's pretty hot. It just ended and yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm right. This just pisses me off cuz I really wanted to go to her tour the Lilith Fair back hwhen I was in middle school.

I asked my mom to get tickets, but she wouldn't. 1 tour, only ran 3 years. Litterally every super talented female musician on the planet: sheryl crow, sarah mac, stevie nicks, paula cole, fiona apple(?), indigo girls, melissa etheridge, lauryn hill(?) And it came to ft lauderdale at least once.

And you know why we didn't go?

Cuz some (ASSHOLE) that she worked with said it was just a bunch of lesbians!

Putting the irony of this aside for a second... wtf?! No it wasn't it was women who effing rawwwked! Proceeding to rawk out, with the proceeds goin to women centered charities.
And some asshole made that sound like a bad thing that you should be scared to take your 12 yr old daughter to.

I think everyone should have taken their teenage daughters to lilith fair. Then we would all rawk today (and maybe I woulda met somebody hot and realized I like girls way earlier, lol.

Also, 18 yrs ago I really wanted to see the new kids on the block when they came to toen but my mom didn't take me (there was probably no threat of lesbianism, just expensive as hell tickets for a five year old). I think it should have my parent pay for tickets to the nkotb reunion tour. Perhaps if they'd taken me the first time id have been so smitten with donny and danny, id never have notice girls...j/k (though I did see danny in aventura mall, and almost wet my pants lol)

The moral of the story is:

Sarah mac laughlin is hotter than I ever noticed

I still would marry a new kid on the block (preferably danny wood or donnie walberhg (omg, my kids' uncle would be Marky Mark, how rad?!)

My gaydar is as bad as it was in jr high (tru storyH I'm reading 17mag. There's an anti fur peta ad w melissa etheridge and some woman laying there naked sayin '"'d rather be naked than wear fur". I asked my bestest 'why the hell eth is w this naked broad?' She says 'duh, dude that's her wife.' I was like her whaa? A few more friends have answered my idiocy: 'her wife dude, she's gay'.

The most ignorant staement I've ever made followed: "melissa Etheridge is gay!? Whaaa? Since when?" I had honestly never heard this but I loved her album when I was little. What was the name of that one... hmmm 'Yes, I Am'

Yeah, young rad was pretty oblivius. Somethings never change.

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