Monday, November 17, 2008

nothin to say

Learning how to do simple things like posts and comments on my new phone. I think everything about it is awesome....except the volume. Why can't it go louder? Why is what's supposed to be standard for normal people like my great grandmother trying to adjust her hearing aid to pick up sonar? I have to roll my car windows all the way up and turn off the radio if I'm in the car just to hear a faint enough word or two before I yell "what? I can't hear you. What'd you say?" At the other end. I mean the phone comes with volume adjustment if I hit the vol control right on the side but that's for dumb stuff like the ringer or music/video. I have to hit that button while I'm actually on a call to adjust the in-call vol, and I have turned it alll the way up. I really have no idea why that volume would be a)so impossible to find and control, or b) so much lower than the other sound settings. Right now I'm using the headphones/handsfree mic that came with it but if it continues to be a pain in the arse I may take the phone back during this 14 day window. Especially if they have another that is comparable but can be used as a modem for my pc.

See? I didnt have anything to say, not at all.

I'm so glad I have tommorow off.
"I feel a sleep comin on cuz, a real sleep comin on cuz...zzzzzz there it was.."

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