Monday, November 10, 2008

Rad's Excellent Adventure. or why my liver will hate me one day.

I've been drinking for four days. Not like four straight, I mean I slept and went to work in between. And I was only really drunk like thursday and friday. But between nightclubs and houseparties, my sis workin @ hooters (free curly fries!), drunk guitar lessons/band practice, bbqs and JELL-O SHOTS!(I heart their inventors) I had a great weekend. And this is bday week for one of em so all week I'll be looking forward 2 kickin it with my bestest-es.

G.I. Jane is on tv right now so I've lost all train of thought...

Oh yeah.. I heart my bffs. I've been stressin over havin this serious dope chit chat with them. And each 1 I talk to makes it easier and easier... And the revelations that have come from it... Wow. So awesome.

In conclusion, all is well in Rad Land and .... ok back to gi jane...

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