Saturday, December 13, 2008

i love creative peoples

I just had so much fun hanging in a coffeehouse watching a friends band jam for hours, talking with cool ass people, and generally unwinding from an unforgiving, seemingly unending day/week. Its funny that everyone I was just around started as friends of friends of mine, and eventually we've gotten to know each other better, sometimes even without the original gateway friends, lol. But everytime I am around this crew I wind up thouroughly entertained, at least mentally stimulated, and generally in a better mood than when I arrived.

I also invited someone who I only met this week, but since we were talking about the dearth of quality live music in the area, I had to invite her to the show my boys just invited me to. Even though work schedules kinda got in the way, we got to both catch some of the show, and converse for a little bit, which was really cool. Plus, its always fun to play the "now that I'm sober, is the person I'm about to meet up with as cute as I remember?" -game. But all in all I had a great time.

few more rad events of this evening: gossip that doesn't actually hurt anyone- I heard from somebody who says he heard from somebody, that I used to have a band back in the day. Not even that I was IN a band but that I HAD my own band. How rad is that? It leaves me asking so many questions. Who the hell said that, being the first one. Also, what was the bands name, cuz I love bitchin band names, I even wrote a scene for 8th grade drama show about starting and naming a garage band. And why did the band stop playing? Am I in retirement? Were we any good? Did I have a shot at the big time? I kinda think its time for a reunion tour now, or at least a solo comeback project. I can also add like 2 more people from tonight to the list of "melissa you should totally start practicin your instrument so we can jam all the time like a bunch of hippies"-movement. What the hell why not? There's a song I always have stuck in my head, that I feel like singing(?) Maybe in my next voogle(coming soon!) If the voogles don't force my acct closed then we'll know if its worth a damn at all. Also we all stood around outside being cold, cuz we are used to south florida weather, and at some point like 5 people leaning on a car out front randomly break into acapella version of 'bohemian rhapsody'.

so that was rad, it was a rad night. My phone was dead tho. So it was off when a blast from my past sent one of those late-nite texts. One of those "what you doin?' Texts at any time ending in AM. No comment there, I just found that interesting. I think I'm glad my phone was dead.

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