Thursday, December 11, 2008

'i meet the coolest people in bars' or 'a stranger is just a friend you havent met yet...'

Or they could also be a serial killer or some other whackado. But lately its just been cool people I've struck up conversations with. A olympic judo(-ist?)/entrepreneur/petite cutie, a graphic designer/geek/metalhead cutie, and all the nineteen year olds who make me look like somebodys pervy uncle chester watching from the corner. (I'm just people watching, I swear!). My cuz and I hit the girlbar yesterday just to hang out and I knew it was 2-4-1 night, we are a fiscally responsible generation, after all. It was fun, talked to a few drunks that wanted to know everyones name in the bar, watched the 'town drunk' try to talk his way in/get thrown out by the owner/come back anyway/tossed out again/picked up by the cops, lol. Anyway, we had fun. I usually hangout with a group of my bffs pretty deep, but I've started going solo to places and I have noticed its totally upped my confidence and ability to talk to just about anyone. And that always a great thing.

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