Tuesday, December 9, 2008

just like groundhogs day

I think its funny as much as it is interesting and odd, that I like many people fall into the same rut each year. Mine is not related to the holidays, and family and shopping and all that emotional nonsense that usually goes on, but I've noticed a pattern in my own behaviors and situations as well that tends to focus around this season. Whatever my luck, it seems some kind of equatorial shift causes my personal life to go haywire at this specific time of the year. I can't explain it, it just try not to fall victim to it.

I look at this season last year and them then year or 4 before it and I come up withat least 1 common denominator: someone who is into me. Usually someone who is into me more than I am interested in them. In about 2 of those out of those 4 years there is also someone else who may be kinda interested in me. And like any red blooded american girl who grows up watching tv movies I've learned to chase the unattainable, so in at least a few situations, I've chosen the bad boy, or the 'playa' or the manwhore over the party who was generally interested in me.

I read a horoscope this week, which I usually don't do. It told me I would face a familiar choice and to make the right decision by breaking old habits.

well? This has certainly been a hell of a year for that. I can say I've never had as many options as I do now, and I certainly have never had less sense of direction than I do now. I may be a few years out of school, 6 months into my very first apartment lease, a few years out of my first super serious relationship, and right smack in the middle of a whole entire revelation about my own personal and sexual identity, but according to a horoscope, I should break old habits, lol. So from here on out, I'm just gonna flip a coin, pick a number, or use some other random act of selection to make the big decisions for me next year. I'm sure I can't screw up anymore than I already have.

shoot, this isnt even the post I was trying to write, lol. I've been drinking, I'll come back 2moro, with an update of whats really going on


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