Thursday, December 4, 2008

rad loves ikea but damn, next time im payin/feeding someone else to do this

So I finally got the bed I've wanted from ikea for the last year almost. It was the 1st time I went out and bought anything with intent on black friday. It had gone down from like 300 to 99bux but they did run out of the black-brown color I've been coveting for months. I had to get white birch, which is the same one my sister got forever ago, I feel like a copycat. I got a cool string of lights from target tho, to spruce up the decor. Back on topic tho, I had to assemble this mofo myself. She offered to help but we are never off the same day. So I ran to my moms to steal some powertools and diner. The screwdriver/drill of hers turned out to have not been charged in forever so it died and I wound upgettin old school with it. My wrist is crazy tired, by the way. I took pics of my progress throught the night guess ill post em soon

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