Saturday, January 3, 2009

dear crush?

(Don't drink and post on AE or you mak think you're being deeper than you are.. courtesy of the 'dear you' thread)

I have to admit, when I see your pic or you come to mind I think "damn! Why are you so awesome?" I can't even pretend I'm not interested. I'm so sure that its obvious, at least it seems so to me. Cuz you know, I wouldn't actually come out and say it, idiot that I am. I'm glad we did get to hang. Don't know if you remember all of it or not, or if u even meant it, could have just been the liquor. I had fun though. If that was the farthest this ever goes, the closest we'll ever get, then I'm cool with that.

For the record tho, in case I never grow the cojones to tell you in person, you are smart, funny, witty, sarcastic, beautiful, cute, sexy, you smell great, and I swear you really did remind me of j beals just a little bit.

I know am a little bit of a bullshitter, but I meant it all. I know I'm still a newbie, and I'm not really lookin for anything, but if I really was the pimpin pirate I pretend to be, id totally be pursuing you.

-some goon

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