Monday, January 5, 2009

aisha tyler+ chelsea handler= mmmm... drooling or 'the info button better not be lying to me'

The remotes info button says aisha tylers on chelsea tonight an- ( hold on, I'm picturing that...) I'm halfway throught the show, yet no aisha. First, Chelsea rules. If one could sex intangible personality traits, I would totally do her humor and intelligence. She seems like 1 of the coolest people to party with, so granted chelsea rules, but aisha....mmmm..

Ok she is on give me a min.....

Don't know where my aisha fandom began. I barely watched the soup on E. She's right E, totally sucked a bit back in the days. Then she was ross/joeys girl on friends (and the first recurring black character) and I thought 'shes just so cool'. Last year though, I met a friend of a friend who was much older than me (never would have guessed though) and almost looked like a dead ringer for Ms. Tyler. And I then realized she was hawt as hell. Thank you aisha for my 'i like girls moment.'

God and she did standup... i'd kill to see that. Did she hear me say that? In an effort to prevent senseless violence fueled by my lust for her, sshe's decided to air a comedy special on Comedy central. If that goes on dvd, I'm buying it! And she's in bedtime stories? Maybe I'll see it.

Well ms tyler, Feb 21st comedy central.... consider it a date.

She mentioned a naked pic in allure's nakie issue.... gosh tv is so informative. And props to arlan @ ydlm for posting that clip of her making out with milla jovovich ( which leads me to ask ' why didn't I know when I saw the 5th element?' Seriously, I watched that on repeat. A LOT)

Hope everyones loving this new year! Hollaback!

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  1. Aisha Tyler + Chelsea Handler = *squee*. I love them both. I love irreverent women. I think I may have seen that episode, actually. And then i blacked out soon after realizing I'd be honored to join them in hell after laughing at the jokes they make.