Saturday, January 17, 2009

blogging under the influence... of life (and liquor)

I guess you know you're getting older when you spend more than 20 minutes of your birthday reflecting on years gone by and those to come. I turned 24 yesterday. That doesn't have some magical effect on me. I dot t feel like I should be married or with child by this age. There's no checklist I'm behind on. I know for DAMN SURE I shouldn't married or with child at this point. I'm young. This is the time to live and experience. Not even counting that pimp bullshit I talk sometimes, this really is the time of my life to live and experience, and I'm grateful to have it. But like I ssaid, you know you are ar getting a bit older when you start reflecting on the years. Earlier this week "high school confidential" was showing on WE network. I have been wanting to see the show, but haven't had much time to watch tv. Finally I saw a few eps and iy took me back. They follopwed about 12 girls for all 4 yrs of hs. And wow, did that take me back? The interviews w the girls as incoming freshen and then as seniors really did it. I usef to say I did all my living vivaripusly thru my friend in jr high but I was really able to see how much those girls changed and grew and matured in a few yrs and I really recognized how far id come not only from senior to freshman otr from high schooler to colliegate, but it bwas one of the first times I really looked at myself as a full_fleged adult. I'm here. I'm grown. And its up to me and only me to determine what I do with it and make of it. Right now I'm sitting at an upscale bar a few blocks from my very first apartment. I spent what might be the last 20bux in my checking acct to get me open bar for the night. One of my college alumni work promotions here and got me a deal, whereas I make sandwiches @ a timeshare w8ith my 80thousand dollar bachelors degree. I'm waiting for my best friendsa to show up late to my one paersom bday barty so as dickens said it ( and much better) " it was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

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