Friday, July 10, 2009

"...well its 3am i must be lonely..." comin soon: greatest hits

Just realized I've been blogging on here for a year? A year since the ooglers and vooglers persuaded me 2 stalk talkin ish online. What a long strange trip its been? Twitter peeps are tellin me 2 go to bed and I'm about to, but I decided since all my shits public anyway, the next few entries are gonna be rebroadcasts of some of my past blogs. It was pretty interesting reading some of the things I've posted this year, and seeing actual growth in myself. I'm still Rad but I don't think I'm the exact same mofo that started this journey. I think I'm better, stronger, wiser, more confident, more independent. It all feels like a rut sometimes but I have actual qualitative evidence to show my self "hey, you're getting there".

So eyes open, reposts are coming soon.

Here's to a whole year of talkin to myself!

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