Tuesday, July 14, 2009

this blog should be sponsored by a distiller

My best work comes from under the influence, it seems.

I'm sittin on my couch now, was def a funny night. Went out with my peeps from work. Enjoyed an open mic night. Came home, realized I was locked out the aprtment. Left my keys in the car of dude I rode to the venue with. Luckily homegirl whodropped me off had lost her key at the bar and gave him a spare last yr so she was able to save both our asses 2nite since my only other option was to catch a 3am bus to southbeach and sleep at the hotel my roomie works at.

anyhows, the homies from work and I went to open mic night at churchills. One of the only places in miami that's still open since I was a kid. Live music, poetry, cheap drinks, I mean for 30bux a few of us were kinda effed up for a while.

Decided I was gonna enjoy the atmospehere and cheer on my boy. Mentioned the open mics I threw when I was at starbux last yr. He told me I should do a poem. Thought about the only thing tha came 2 my mind. Some ish I wrote when I was wasted, cuz I wanted 2 express myself and the way I was feeling.

Long time has passed since I came up w the ish, but felt like it might be nice 2 actually read the words aloud then retire it. Totally had intentions to perform. Had our names on the list al all but the bands playin b4 us had such long sets me and homeboy had 2 dip cuz he's got a test in the am and my homegirl has 2 open at work 2moro. The organizer of the event apologized 2 us on the way out tho. I think iwe may go back Thursday r another day soon.

anyways, since I did say I was posting my greatest hits, I will repost that non-poem, or as I think I will call it: "under the influence" aka "its not that serious" aka " we were drunk, so whatever" aka "you prob don't remember" aka "o shit I just got deja vu writing this blog" on the day I perform it and retire it forever.

ps, just had a great talk w 1 of my best friends. Slowly opening myself up 2 everyone, this is me, glad u guys like. These r my thoughts. 4 the most part. Haller at me, let's chitchat lol.

pPS to the onethatgotaway aka theonethatwasneverindangerofgettincaught anyway, lol: thank you. at least I know I like to fish. Hahaaahaa! Nite guys!

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