Friday, May 22, 2009

another day

Felt like I didn't really have anything to blog about. Just been living life. Transitioning. Made a move, rather simple one. Bout 20 miles south. Still in the process of movin all my shit but that's hampered a bit with no car. Had id known I was gonna blow my engine, I wouldn't have, lol. Now I'm lookin for a new ride. Saving my money hopefully. Started a brand new job. My gaydar has gotten much better, lol. Ive met a few new people I was about 80% right about.

Real life hits hard though. Mom told me today that her cousin passed away this morning. I didn't even know she had cancer. I grew up with her kids. Now that we're college aged I've reconnected with her daughter. I cannot even begin to imagine what my little cousin is going through. I probably haven't seen her mom in a few years. Been at least 10 since we were even really in the same city. Its wild to me though cuz she's around my moms age. My moms actually older this year than her own mom was when she died of cancer. I was pretty young but acutely aware that my first experiences with death all involved cancer. My grandmother or nana, her father, an uncle of mine, & a cousins husband. Its wild that at five years old the thing I hated most on the entire planet was cancer. That shouldn't even have been a thought for me.

Anyway I'm just thankful to be here, blessed to have people around me that love me. Nothings promised on this planet. Death and taxes. That's it. I'm taking steps to enjoy the hell out of it while I'm here tho.

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