Friday, August 1, 2008

Rad is soo drunk tonite ps I Want You (maybe)

Rad is drunk so excuse the 3rd person, but this is how drunk Rad rolls. Get right or get left.

Rad hung out w an old friend tonite as well as with friends of an old friend. The gay/guy bar was awesome, as was the drink. Singular. As in 1. Less than 1, cuz drunk Rad shares, and sharing is caring. Strong ass drink. But Rad had so much fun. It wasn't life changing or anything, but Rad was comfortable, and that's all that matters lately.

Ps- in very small print to be erased when rad is sober-er(letter to no one in particular):
Rad is probably not ready for anything, not sure of Rad's self, or publicly comfy in Rad's own skin. Rad doesn't want a wifey right now. Rad is not ready yet.
You are in that brand new. Its cute. Its beautiful. Rad likes it. Rad likes her even, the prob is that drunk Rad just might like you. Rad is gonna step back now, take some time, find Rad'self. But if this doesn't last, if this ends at some point and Rad is ready and has gotten some balls, Rad might have to claim that. Because you're hot, and Rad had to try really hard not to show this tonite. Next time, gadget, next time!

1 comment:

  1. Ha! I like your blog. Drunk blogging is a beautiful thing.
    I'm going to steal that 'Get right or get left' thing,if you don't mind, I have just the perfect person to say it to.