Monday, March 10, 2014

My favorite bar closed down.

Hey, you guys still here? yeah I've been gone like 4 years so i hope you're still alive. I think twitter and those 140 characters steal all my thought before i can publish full posts. but here's one i couldn't go to sleep without putting down on paper(or screen- whatever).

 I never knew how necessary a "safe space" was until mine closed down. Sure I had moved away for a good 3 years before I even came back to visit, but the fact that it was still standing, still a bastion of inclusiveness in a world that's always so conveniently self segregated still amazed me. In South Florida it seems like nightlife turnover is the only constant. I only knew this bar for 5 yrs out of its decade long run and for 3 of those years, I didn't even live in state anymore. I was no regular. I only held on to a handful of names, and I doubt many there knew mine. Yet that place was an INTEGRAL part in not only my coming "out" as bi, but my sense of self confidence and overall path so far. It may be labeled on foursquare and in most ppls minds as 'just' a gay bar, but its been so much more. I have seen nearly every type of person enjoying themselves under that roof. Young kids JUST out of high school sharing space w older men and women who's history and experiences I cant even fathom. That just doesn't happen anywhere else. Like everyone else, my memories there run the gamut: I've enjoyed Wednesday happy hour w my straight guy friends and struck up conversations w strangers (leading to my SECOND '1st date'); met and talked with producers of new online content when the "web series" and "blog" phenomenons had only just started to take hold; Recharged and cooled off when my first pride parade in the Fl sun started to take its toll. I had nights I'll always treasure like the EPIC Halloween block party when my best friend SWEARS every girl that saw me(including my online crush) was into me, & nights I'd love to forget like that time I partied too hard (4loko is evil), got sick and Carol kindly walked me out to the patio (I'm still embarrassed but where else would an owner do that?!). At this weekend's closing parties, my fave bartender, Allie, recognized me and asked where I'd been. Five years after finding this place on Google, that meant the world. The environment that New Moon created and fostered was a place I always felt welcome, whether with a gang of friends or on my own. I knew id make new friends, if only for one night. I think that comfort helped build a confidence in me to joke w that stranger next to me at the bar or to dance w that hottie across the dance floor, and that confidence DEFINITELY served me when I started over in a brand new city. For all the history and notoriety of NYCs LGBT scene, I've yet to find a place w half the charm of New Moon. I truly wish nothing but good things for the owners, staff, and patrons of New Moon. Thanks for the good times! GOODNIGHT MOON!

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