Thursday, April 30, 2009

its been a while

just posting to say hey. had some thoughts on the brain, forget em. had a big party weekend w my girls, still recovering. Got a bit of a sore throat/fever combo that is quite porcine-free so dont bother preemptive diagnosis, mmkay? thaaanks.

excuse to post pic of my pimp ass hat from target. i think my sister's boyfriend/date stole it. he was the last one i saw w it on. But its ok, cuz he got arrested for DUI after the party. after dancing all up on other chicks in front of my sister.

oooh and possibly MORE awesome: THE LILITH FAIR IS COMING BACK IN 2010!!!!! Mark my words: I WILL be attending. start saving people, we are gonna make a roadtrip/woodstock/dinah-style fantasmagorial EVENT out of this one. Read my last lilith fair post to know why this is so special to me.