Tuesday, March 10, 2009

glad i didnt buy showtime this year

To piggyback everyone on the internet, I was soo disappointed with that finale. I waited like 3 days to watch just putting off the inviteable. And I was kinda there. Being new to actually watching the show these last 2 or 3 seasons vs just reading the recaps, I was still naive about its shortcomings and IFC. I went to a premeire party thrown by showtime and hrc and I was so exited to be enjoying it in the communal aspect, I even cried that first ep when they wheeled jennys body out.

Funny thing that was only about 2 months ago, cuz I flew to the inauguration the next day. Why a season only 8 episodes long. I mean 2 effing months? What does that say to your fans, viewers, even cast and crew?

Sure you've had this monumental impact on the planets and how people look at and treat one another and yet this is how u thank everyone? Slap together some garbage that all turns out INCONSEQUENTIAL to its very core and expect everyone to be ready to hop on over to worshipping your next project that hasn't even been greenlit past a pilot!?

Which will take your happiest bubbliest most relatable (though wildly inconsistent) character and put her in jail. Yeah. Do that. Cuz we wanna see our spirits crushed a little more.

I don't even know how, because this new media age fan/creation interaction is so new, but I hope they revolt. When their shows become something foreign to them, fans have created fanfics and videos and all kinds of alternate sources of happiness and dammint I hope somehow they win.

That IFCs stupid idea that she can get a movie off the ground actually works but maybe instead of another chance to drive a stake in the heart of her show and viewers, I hope some writer with an actual grasp of the characters and story to be told helms it. And I hope the fans love it. Until then we can just delude ourselves with the alternate universes in our head of what happened to these amazing characters. Good luck.

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