Tuesday, September 30, 2008

no sleep til brooklyn. damn, i'm bored

myspace survey. done.
youtube videos from the 90's. roger.
myspace oogling of friend's hot friends. yeah, kinda.
late night/eeearly mornin blogging. check.
massive headache, yet no desire to actually sleep anytime soon. definitely present.
laundry. not done.
internal evaluation of friendships and recent relationships. ya.
box of oreos. half-gone.
headache. ever present.
laundry. still not done.

damn, i'm gonna go dry my laundry and have another oreo. i need a new .... something.

(i tried to google a black and white pic of a laundry basket, and who the hell is this jon a ross character who has 3 pages of his cat in a laundry basket? What the hell? I thought I had too much free time.)

1 comment:

  1. MySpace surveys make life meaningful. No worries.