Tuesday, August 19, 2008

eye of the storm: early release day, oatmeal, my Secret goals...

Well, we were mandated to close up shop and go home early due to the storm. So went to the 'rents house and ate a little bit. Used the pc to get online since I can't really @ my place.
Realized that's almost the 1st meal I had today besides a little bit of oatmeal. I should really start eating healtier. I'm losing weight, but not in a bad way- I just wasn't trying to. Right now I'm back to my avg weight: I'm usually around a fit 130-135. So its all good, cept I'm not what I'd consider fit, lol. I don't eat 3 meals a day, physical excercise leaves me maaad tired and I never get enough sleep. All things I'm workin on improving though.
Off all day tomorrow, I'll probably go job hunting in person, cuz this internet search sucks major. I need a real income like yesterday.
This is starting to get me down.
The battle is not mine, I must remember.
And I'm totally going back to using The Secret, or the abbreiviated version because I'm not reading that whole book to find something we all already knew.
I'm putting good energy out into the universe so that I'll get it right back. (How selfish of me?)
I'm totally going to claim the things I want and watch them happen:

I want a great job.
I want to be great at my great job.
I want to be able to pay all my bills.
I want to be able to afford to travel more, this year.
I want to go to LA this year.
I want to go to the carribean this year too.
I want to meet new people who are worth dating, and have a good time dating them.
I want to have a great relationship with someone only if I'm ready.
I want to get a camaro. Hell, probably not even a new 2010 one. I just need a running, reliable, bitchin' ass Camaro(82-92 models preferred).
I am going to be true to who I am and open and honest with my friends and family.

So I hope I'm not forgetting anything, I can call this my early christmas/bday/newyears resolutions. Maybe I'll even make a collage for the visualization aspect.
But these are things I'm going to make happen before the year is out.

Now I'm off to sleep. But I probably won't sleep, cuz I slept til 4p today and storms tend to give me insomnia when I'm bored. Maybe I'll go online.

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